Our Team

Olivia Crowther – Managing Director

Olivia is the Managing Director of Wiltshire Law Centre. In addition to her role as a housing solicitor and supervisor, she oversees the quality of legal practice, manages the Centre’s finances, handles complaints and ensures compliance with policies and procedures.

Contact: o.crowther@wiltslawcentre.co.uk

Richard Hazell – Senior Solicitor


Richard is one of the original founding members of Wiltshire Law Centre. He set up the law centre 38 years ago and specialises in all aspects of Housing Law. In November 2017, Richard was awarded the President’s Outstanding Achievement Award by Gloucester and Wiltshire’s Law Society and in March 2018 he was awarded a “Pride of Swindon” award.

Contact : richard.hazell@wiltslawcentre.co.uk

Emma Stradling – Housing Supervisor

Emma joined Wiltshire Law Centre in 2021 after decades of experience in litigation. She is a housing law specialist.

Contact: e.stradling@wiltslawcentre.co.uk

Chris Lowry – Housing Caseworker

cl photoChris joined Wiltshire Law Centre in 2021 after decades of experience in litigation. He is a housing law specialist.

Contact: c.lowry@wiltslawcentre.co.uk

Pippa Banham – Housing Solicitor

Pippa joined us in May 2021. She is a solicitor, who has specialised in employment and discrimination, immigration and housing and family.  Pippa is a Justice First fellow.

Sue Minshull – Administrative Manager

Shanaz Qaddus – Finance Manager

Shaz performs the general accounting duties for Wiltshire Law Centre.

Board of Trustees 

Grateful thanks to Nick Mellis (Chair), Phil McCabe, Judith Hawkins, Heather Reilly and Graham McIntosh who provide us with advice and guidance to the governance of the Law Centre.

If you would like to support our work by becoming a volunteer Trustee on our Trustee Committee then we would love to hear from you.