Our Housing advisers are Forbes Robertson, Richard Hazell, Oby Okolo and Ashley Brown

Rent arrears cases make up the bulk of our work. They remain more complicated with the introduction of the Bedroom Tax and we follow closely the case law regarding any possible exemption to its imposition. The law on Deposit Protection has also continued to evolve with further complexities introduced by the Deregulation Act.

We are also experienced in dealing with illegal eviction cases. Our first ever illegal eviction case will always be a highlight– the tenants obtained some compensation from the proceeds of sale of the landlord’s re-possessed second home, and the landlord was sentenced to prison for six weeks after being arrested on arrival at Stansted Airport.

We have continued to run a very successful Housing Possession Court Duty rota scheme at the Swindon County Court on our own and in Salisbury with Shearer and Co.  We provide this service at the Aldershot, Basingstoke and Farnham Courts also. We are deeply indebted to the kind co-operation of the Court staff and Judges in these Courts, without whom this would not be possible.  Time and again we have found that fast on the spot advocacy makes a huge difference to whether an order is realistic and affordable or agreed to due to a person’s genuine fear of the loss of their home.  The Duty Desk work has also enabled us to help clients where quite complicated legal issues exist and this work justifies a full Legal Aid Certificate being obtained.