Our Debt advisor is Martin Kerr.

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Debt advice currently, (as at December 2020) is unfortunately only available to tenants of the GreenSquare Housing group.

Due to cuts in Legal Aid we are sadly now only able to provide debt advice to GreenSquare Housing Tenants, whose funding we are grateful for.

Wiltshire Law Centre therefore sadly is no longer able to meet the unrelenting demand for debt advice, following 20 years of continuous service provision.

This is a particularly difficult situation for the neediest members of society, who for various reasons of capability cannot access or fully utilise the services provided by national telephone lines and/or web based advice sources.

Given that there are new opportunities for debtors to resolve their situations (such as relaxed criteria for Debt Relief Orders from October 2015 and recent pension reforms) then this is particularly frustrating.

It is nonetheless important to reflect on the positive outcomes we have achieved for thousands of clients over a lengthy period and the personal, health and financial benefits to these clients that have resulted from our work.

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We provided a debt advice service to GreenSquare Housing group tenants helping them with debt and budgeting advice to assist them become more sustainable in their homes.